Why reading a Lufthansa newsletter is a tragic waste of time

Another day, another newsletter. Today Lufthansa is offering me a 40€ (Promotion code*) one can redeem after booking a long-haul ticket and next to this some “Great destinations at great prices“.

When hitting “All our offers“, things only get better as “Europe from 99€” is listed here.

After a quick look at the return-fare overview per destination, I notice the 99€ offer is only valid for Frankfurt am Main and Munich, but some of the other destinations are attractively priced. So I pick “Lisbon” starting from €159.

No such thing as a free-lunch
Cheap prices always require you to meet some conditions, so I quickly scan the list below.
I should be able to meet these conditions as I want to book a short trip in July or August.

Time to book some flights, but when looking at this price table for july 2012 none of the flights rates even remotely meet the advertised rates.

Lufthansa – Nonstop you.
I do understand technically even a €2.500 ticket would meet the “From 159€” qualification. But advertising something at €159 and selling it at €414 is a true waste of time. I’m afraid being truly customer oriented as suggested by the Lufthansa baseline requires a better connection between what is promised and what is actually offered.