This blog is too slow…

Compared to other pages on this server, the time required  for database look-ups and the images used, this WordPress blog is respectively slow. The 2.28 seconds required to return the homepage illustrated above is not even a worst case scenario (sometimes it takes more than 4 seconds to load). In the coming weeks we will further look into this and try to improve.

According to Google Webmaster tools there are already some improvements (but these measurements are only estimates with low accuracy because of the limited data points).

google webmaster tools -

There are a lot of resources available on-line:

Many suggestions are related to reducing the number of php-functions (making the site more static), database look-ups,  HTTP & DNS requests and of course cache-ing. As for now it is not possible to isolate all factors, this will only be an experimental journey.

All your feedback is welcome, feel free to register and provide your feedback and or suggestions.