Sir, where can I find the sugar?

Delhaize made me wonder
Apparently Delhaize Plantijn started with a new classification system by “task”?  I noticed something was wrong when looking for vegetables to be used in a wok at the vegetables-corner. Wrong, I needed to look for this in the wok-corner. (I know one cannot hyperlink in real life but a small sign could have done the trick.) I wonder whether they applied card-sorting for this? btw the former vegetable corner is still in place but without the wok vegetables, but I guess duplication is also more difficult off-line.

It made me think of a joke by Philippe Geubels (a former Colruyt employee), describing a scene in a Colruyt (Belgian hard discounter) where a customer walks up to him:

Customer: “Sir, where can I find the Sugar?”
Employee: “Under the ‘S’!”

(Video in dutch – 2:48)