Seven things successful people do differently

In the last 5 years I’ve had the privilege to work with and talk to al lot of successful people. I’ve noticed they all have something in common, they do things differently.

Here is what they do differently:

  1. Stop thinking you can get somewhere by simply implementing a seven point check-list. In most cases you are required to walk the extra mile and use some common sense.
  2. See point 1
  3. See point 2
  4. See point 3
  5. See point 4
  6. See point 5
  7. Stop reading this and invest your time in something that is real fun or productive and preferably a combination of both. In general creating something is what drives success.

Kids – Dad : 1 – 0


At the time of writing the kids achieved already 80% of their goal as over 800.000 people liked their image. The facebook page Twogirlsandapuppy is only at 200.000 likes. But I guess this dad will be buying a puppy soon.

A Kids agency at play? 

UPDATE Jan 18, 2013 18:20
Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 18.24.49In the meantime they got over a million likes, so maybe dad can buy a puppy for every child in the picture when reaching 5.000.000 likes.



Apparently you do not need a grinding wheel

A Casey Neistat imitation in Brussels
The comparison between Brussels and New York turns out in favor of Belgium, apparently you don’t need a grinding wheel in Brussels to alert the police when stealing a bike. Nevertheless it’s still amazing to see how a thief can operate in public, but according to this sample there are still more responsible citizens in Brussels than New York.

The original.

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