Kids – Dad : 1 – 0


At the time of writing the kids achieved already 80% of their goal as over 800.000 people liked their image. The facebook page Twogirlsandapuppy is only at 200.000 likes. But I guess this dad will be buying a puppy soon.

A Kids agency at play? 

UPDATE Jan 18, 2013 18:20
Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 18.24.49In the meantime they got over a million likes, so maybe dad can buy a puppy for every child in the picture when reaching 5.000.000 likes.



My top 10 Instagram shots of 2012

A year in images. Always nice to scroll back into my instagram timeline and revisit some of the moments that made 2012 for me. Statigram doesn’t report on an annual basis but here are my Top 10 “Instagram shots” for 2012 based on your “likings”.  It’s crystal clear you like me most when visiting art and eating out.

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Apparently you do not need a grinding wheel

A Casey Neistat imitation in Brussels
The comparison between Brussels and New York turns out in favor of Belgium, apparently you don’t need a grinding wheel in Brussels to alert the police when stealing a bike. Nevertheless it’s still amazing to see how a thief can operate in public, but according to this sample there are still more responsible citizens in Brussels than New York.

The original.

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Can coke make you happy?

Another Coca-Cola commercial spreading happiness.
This video was covered by Knack on 19 november 2012 but without the coke branding. On 14 june 2012 Huffington Post and Mashable discussed whether al this was real? Apparently Coca Cola confirmed all situations are real, but some are recreated in order to get the necessary permissions.

Let´s look at the world a little differently
Client: Coca-Cola Latin America Group
Executive Creative Director: Martin Mercado
Creative Director: Martin Goldberg
Art Director: Damián Garofalo
Copywriter: Silvio Caielli
Music: “Give a Little Bit”  – Roger Hodgson / Supertramp


Black & White

How Belgians look at weather forecasts compares to the rest of the world like black and white. The Belgian app is colored black and called “Drash” (= Flemish for heavy rain), the rest of the world is looking at a beautiful white app called “WHTR” which not even mentions the rain. But Drash is a free app whereas WHTR is available for $0.99

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